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If you ever wanted your old timer or even young timer Volkswagen camper van or 912 Porsche Restorations to its former glory and brought back to its full potential you’ve come to the right place. Irv’s restorations have you covered! Since 2012 this family-owned business with Paul Irving as the face of the company with his 20 trusty and hardworking personnel and a chain of high-end quality suppliers that share the same work ethic as Irv, based purely on high standards and only the best quality parts for your beloved vehicle have restored countless of Volkswagen vans and old timer cars such as Porche 911, Porche 912, Porche 356 and many more.

912 Porsche Restorations

Let’s be honest, you are not restoring these cars because of their peak performance or newest technology, you want to restore these cars because of their timeless beauty and character that they have preserved over the years. We share the same passion as you here at Irv restoration when working on Porches and as Irv once said: ‘’I have lived and breathed classic cars for my entire life.” And all of that love and passion, that all of our employees share, translates to highest end quality service that was not only recognized in Cumbria but across the whole world. Anything from engine and gearbox service, to upholstery, paintjob and styling of these cars, we do it all and with over 20 years of experience under our belt on working on Porsches so you can rest assured your Porche will be treated with maximum and best care.

We know it’s not easy trusting someone with your vehicle, but 912 Porsche Restorations is the company that will change your mind!